Landscape to Inspire and Delight

We are very lucky to live and work in this spectacular landscape.

The Duke is centrally located between Edford Meadows to the east of us and Edford Wood and Harridge Woods to the west, both within a few minutes walk. At the top of the hill you will find, St Andrews 'Old' Church, recently used in 'Poldark'. If you are interested in our Industrial Heritage, there are the remains of the Dorset and Somerset Canal just a few meters from our front door and there are caves and climbing closeby too. The landscape is open to all, with excellent dog walking and nature watching opportunities all around.

Holcombe Old Church

St Andrews 'Old' Church is a simple Norman church with Saxon origins. It is known locally as the Plague Church as the locals moved to the current villages location after the plague ravaged the area. The church was remodeled in later years, with the interior now untouched from the Georgian period with box pews and a gallery overlooking the nave.

Because of this Georgian theme, the BBC series 'Poldark' has been filmed here since 2016.

Edford Meadows and Edford Wood

The woodland is ancient, the meadows have remained virtually untouched since the Second World War, and the result is fantastic wildlife, fauna and flora that is rare in Britain today. There are over 90 different plants and flowers on display in the meadows, with particularly amazing displays of orchids and other plants and fungi. Rare insects and birds are a feature of the landscape, and the rare lesser and greater horseshoe bats live in the caves in Harridge Woods.

Dorset and Somerset Canal

The Canal wasn’t completed, but the remains can be seen throughout the countryside, with the path following the planned route running from Edford and Nettlebridge through Coleford and Mells eventually ending up in Frome. It is a fantastic walk, with amazing scenery and fascinating industrial remains.

Limestone caves and climbing locations.

There are numerous locations for climbing and caving, with the local Fairy Cave Quarry and Holcombe ‘Curios holes’ quarry.  More information can be found in the Cerberus Spelaeological Society pages with details of how to gain access to these locations.

The Duke of Cumberland, Edford Hill, Holcombe, BA3 5HQ. 

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